14 day program for $279


  • One - 1-hour initial consult

  • Two - 30 min coaching sessions (phone, video, or in-person)

  • Personal growth exercises

  • Meal plan/Recipes

30 day program for $449


  • One - 1-hour initial consult

  • Two - 45 min coaching session (phone, video, or in-person)

  • Personal growth exercises

  • Food journal analysis

  • Meal plan / Recipes

  • unlimited email access

Holistic Health Coaching

With the right nutrition and lifestyle choices, you will be able to think better, feel better, look better and add years to your life.  


Being able to maintain a healthy way of life is about transforming our consciousness of who we are in our lives, where we are, where we are going, and why.  Holistic health coaching addresses these questions by looking at the areas which drive our unhealthy choices and behaviors. 



  • builds lifestyle balance: nutrition, fitness, emotional strength, relationships, personal care, careers, goals, and environment 

  • uses nutrition as a building block 

  • can reverse chronic illnesses

  • focuses on the power of food

  • helps to reduce dependency on medications

  • provides an anchor of emotional support & motivation

  • elevates confidence and self-esteem as a coach/client team

  • cultivates self-awareness

East Greenwich, Rhode Island


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