Autoimmune Disease & Cancer Support

Autoimmune disease

Your immune system is meant to protect you from unwanted invaders. Autoimmune disease is your immune system out of balance, its unable to distinguish between things that are a threat or not. That is why it can attack vitally important body parts, like, your thyroid, muscles, brain or joints.  


I use a Holistic approach, meaning we will care for all of you, not just part of you. Decreasing inflammation, healing the gut and exploring the stressors in your life will be our mission. We will help to bring your immune system back into balance, allowing it to function accurately and effectively.    



Cancer support

We usually experience many symptoms before being diagnosed with Cancer. Some we may have ignored, some we didn’t really notice or think they were important enough to mention. Cancer is our body way out of balance. It is when cells lose their ability to die (apoptosis).

Abnormal or unneeded cells are programmed to die, which helps to prevent cancer.  

My primary purpose as a Health coach is to provide the guidance, support, and attention that you need to make sustainable health choices. Through education, self-awareness and a supportive health based environment, you can begin to make changes that are in line with what is most important to you.


You and your doctor will work with the medical aspects of your treatment.  We will focus on nutrition, detoxification(body and home), exercise and creating healthy habits and behaviors.   

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