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I was still in my teens when I found myself strongly drawn to ideas about health and nutrition. Exercise, clean food, and alternative medicine became a driving force in my life. I became a licensed massage therapist, an instructor in authentic Yeung Family Tai Chi, and a personal trainer.

I continued to explore nutrition and the effects of food on metabolism, health, and disease resistance. Impassioned by my health pursuits, I opened my own business, and for nearly two decades, through exercise, bodywork, and nutritional counseling I was able to empower people to take control of their health and personal well-being. I realized during this time, that coaching was a passion. I really enjoyed coaching my clients more than anything else.


I am now a Certified Health coach through Truly Heal and a Certified Life coach through JRNI.

My goal is to inspire, encourage, and challenge you to identify your values, to listen to your inner voice, and to develop sustainable health behaviors. Together we will take a deeper look at areas in your life that need attention: diet, lifestyle choices, fulfillment, and life stressors, etc.

As we look deeper, you will experience increased self-awareness, feel empowered to make decisions with clarity and feel free to live life fully.

East Greenwich, Rhode Island


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